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From Principle Desk


I am very glad to introduce you to Indira Singh B.Ed College of Education, Pindra, Dist- Garhwa in the state of Jharkhand. This institution has been established in 2007 under the able leadership of our Honourable Chairman Mr. Ramchandra Chandravanshi. With the objectives of preparing well motivated, intellectually competent, morally up right and socially committed teachers and teacher educators

Kothari commission believes, "The destiny of India is being shaped in her class rooms." It is beyond doubt that the teachers have to nurture the potentials of the inmates of the class rooms and make them capable to shape the destiny of the Nation. The college takes the responsibilities of preparing such teachers. The college has a well furnished and systematically placed infrastructure in an area of 3 acres of land with all modern scientific, psychological and Technological facilities. The members of the faculties are the products of significant institutes like RIE and committed to work for the cause of Education. The environment is highly conducive to Education and the members of the staff are very sensitive to the student's problems and needs. There is a very cordial relationship between the Students and Teachers. The system of curriculum transaction is being materialized by the use of modern ICT strategies, Seminars, Study Tours, Practical�s and Extension works. The inspiring atmosphere of the college not only nurtures the intellects but also inspires for affective development. The past achievements of our students is highly satisfactory and brings name and fame by significant qualitative and quantitative results in University Examination every year.



Name : Ajay Kumar Pandey

With the best wishes.
Jai Bharat



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