Welcome to , Indira Singh B.ed Teacher Training  College , Kalyanpur - Garhwa

Secondry Education like back bone of any formal educational system. This is the early stage of human life, When he start learn lots of things about life and education. Every thing looks like a new things to him, in this situation to learn education is not a easy task. Untrained teachers can't do this things in effective manner. So keeping this view GOPINATH SINGH JAN SEWATRUST try to fulfill this basic need of education in remote areas of Jharkhand, specially in GARHWA district. Indira Singh B.ed Teacher Training  College,Kalyanpur- Garhwa is self financed institution which is established and managed by Gopi Nath Singh Jan Seva Trust, Garhwa, a charitable trust devoted for human welfare and upliftment of society in various field specially in education.

The college was estabilshed to provide education in the field of education B.Ed. course both for boys and girls student which is recognized by NCTE, Bhuneshwar. The College will porvide education for the students 

of palamu division specially Garhwa district. As evident say that Garhwa is one of the most backward district of Jharkhand in the field of education and economic status. Inspire of talent. Keeping view of this B.Ed. college will certainly be helpful for those who could not effort B.Ed. courses due to economical strain.




The College provides a course of training for secondary school teachers and fresher candidates who desire to equip themselves with professional efficiency. 
  • It enables the prespective teachers to understand the nature, purpose and spirit of secondary education.
  • It develops amongst teachers an understanding of the psychology of the students.
  • The training equips the prespective teachers to acquire competencies relevant to transaction of curriculum and evaluation. It enables the teachers to make pedagogical analysis of the subjects at the secondary stage.
  • It also enables the teachers to foster creative thinking among students and develop communication skill and use of modern information technology at the secondary stage.
  • The college provides impetus for development of teaching and learning situations in the classroom amoung the trainees through simulated teaching.
  • The college creates an atmosphere to build self-motivation, well integrated character of the trainee so that they may take leadership in all school activities and in community.
  • Above all, the college provides facilities to developing professional potentialities of the trainees.
In the light of the above objectives, the curriculum for the B.Ed course includes theory, practice teaching and contains practical on lab-based subjects / Case Study on non-lab based subjects, Micro Teaching, Action Research, Achievement Test, Pedagogical Analysis, Simulated Teaching, Community Outreach/ Field Survey, Co-curricular Activities, Preparation of TLM and Computer Application. Successful completion of the B.Ed Course is an essential pre-requisite for becoming a perfect teacher in secondary school.